New on OutSavvy - Partner Update

In anticipation of live events returning to the UK, OutSavvy has added brand new functionality and improvements across the OutSavvy platform. We have listed below just a few of the new functionality for eve t partners ot help build your perfect event:


Pre Sales

Ticket Pre-Sale allows you to invite and reward customers to purchase tickets before the go on general sale. Only customers who have been sent a Pre-Sale invite will be able to access the Pre-Sale using their unique link and only one order can be made per link before the link expires.

Pre-Sale is a great way to reward your existing customers and create brand loyalty with your most loyal ticket buyers.



OutSavvy Tribes are a great way of creating groups of customers if you run multiple events or have multiple locations for your events. You can then create campaigns targeted specifically to these Tribes for example set-up a ticket Pre-Sale to all customers who have purchased tickets previously to an event tagged with the Tribe London.


Link Creator

Need a short link to share on your socials? Need an easy to remember link to print on your posters? Shorten any event, partner page or tour link on OutSavvy with an easy to share/remember link.


Event Tour Page

Run events in multiple cities? Have a number of upcoming events you want to promote with one link? Create a branded tour landing page! Give you customers details about your tour of events and create a branded landing page including faqs, galleries and more.


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