OutSavvy Ticket Resell - How It Works

You can now buy and sell unwanted tickets for sold out events on OutSavvy! The Waiting List and Ticket Resell functionality for sold out events has launched. Can't make the event? You may be able to resell your ticket to someone on the Waiting list and get a FULL refund.

Get a full refund

Resell your ticket for sold out events to get a full refund

Simple and Easy

Add your ticket to queue from OutSavvy.com or the app in just a few clicks

Protect yourself

OutSavvy Ticket Resell ensures that you get a 100% legitimate ticket from the event organisers primary ticket outlet

How OutSavvy Ticket Resell Works
  • If you have purchased a ticket for a sold out event you may be able to resell it if the event organiser enables Ticket Resell.
  • Check Resell is active by accessing the event and look for the Resell Active banner or access your ticket and check for the Resell button.
  • Go the "My Tickets" page on the website or app and click "Resell Ticket."
  • Select the tickets you want to sell and add them to the Waiting List
  • You can change your mind at any time (providing your ticket hasn’t already sold). Just go “My Tickets” and click “Resell Tickets” and “Cancel Sale"
  • If your ticket is sold, the original ticket is cancelled; you are notified of the sale and refunded the full value of the ticket (including booking fees) within a few days. If the ticket doesn't sell it is still valid for entry.
  • The new guest will be emailed their new ticket to the event. Win win!