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Curriculum  Outline
3 Day Tantra Course for personal development or professional accreditation.

The hands on training is supplemented with a 230 page manual

This program is suitable for personal development or can be taught as a journey and integrated as a module in your existing practise.

This is a globally recognised certificate that enables you to get membership with the International Practitioners Of Holistic Medicine & Insurance Cover for Tantra Practice.

1st Module Earth

This first module is a beautiful introduction on how to lead your client on the first part of their journey of discovery, or indeed embark on it yourself.

You will have an overview on practical aspects of how to run your business, about basic record keeping, telephone conversations and boundaries. There is a business module add-on if you wish a more in-depth training, ie with websites, SEO, advertising etc.

We will cover how to prepare your space, your personal attire and touch on branding and image. We will then move into teaching you how to hold space for the 1st module with your client.

Theory: An introduction to Tantra, the Spiritual life path, and all that surrounds it.

You will learn how to hold grounding meditation and connecting exercises

As we move through these beautiful exercises we peel away the layers and allow our clients to connect with their true core self.

You will be teaching your client how to implement mindful practices into their lives and how to work in sync with the law of the universe.

Learn a comprehensive understanding of the Chakra System and how to recognise and work through the blockages. You will be taught how to educate your client on the whole chakra system and encourage them to connect with all of the elements that are intertwined with their life path.


As you work through the chakra pathway and all the elements unravel into their own avenues, we aim to discover the client's or indeed your personal aims, goals, and wishes. This level Includes an Energetic Chakra Massage.


This enables us to help our clients (or ourselves)  formulate a plan in which to take life onto the next level. This course works in line with the law of attraction, as we move on we will be raising Kundalini energy and using this to channel and manifest. In this module, we cover some transcendental healing meditations and rituals that can be added if the client hits any blockages or recognises any traumas held.


We touch on expanded states of bliss through a combination of breaths and a full body massage.  We also give a basic introduction to the Taoist art of circulating energy around our microcosmic orbit, along with the basics of energy how to activate and circulate this energy whilst channeling your intentions into the universe.

Learn how to successfully manifest and make your dreams your reality

Working with Shakti energy we focus on Yoni Healing, enhancing and expanding into limitless pleasure. Experience A powerful yoni re-birth and Delve into the Sacred Womb Space, honoring the Sacred Womb’s divine power.


Absolutely packed with self-development tools, rituals and exercises for both males, females and all in between.


Learn how to cultivate great presence in everyday life, how to embody the potent masculine & feminine energies, and enhancing pleasure & control.

Level 1 with your client could take 7 sessions as you would spend one session on each Chakra.


2nd Module Wind


Repeating the grounding exercises from the first module and building onto them with more, so you will become comfortable and intuitive with this.


After the connecting exercises, we teach you on how to go through with your client all of their homework

Elements Massage covering Earth, Wind, Fire & Eather.


Working with Kundalini Energy, we then delve into learning how to safely activate this powerful energy. This Class also touches on elements of Neuroscience; Which chemicals the body releases, when and why, helping you to learn to drive the car yourself. Your body is a vehicle and if you know how; you can drive it and not let it be in control of driving you.


As we move along, you will cover some of the most integral and dynamic forms of raising kundalini energy.


Massage: Whilst starting the massage you will learn to teach your client each breath and dynamic posture, as you are massaging them.


You will invite the activation of kundalini energy, whilst teaching your client aspects of Tantra.


We also go over how to guide your client on which breaths to do and when to do them combined with the asanas.


In this module, we focus on learning tantric breathing techniques, tantric yoga asanas, and massage together. It is a magical time but also very tutorial.


You will be introduced to the Taoist theory of cultivating of the seed/source, with the Microcosmic Orbit.


Teaching how to control the muscles in dynamic yoga postures with locking the Mula bandha, the root lock. This is a particularly popular subject for men, as everyone wants to know the secrets of tantric relationships! and how the male can make love for extended periods of time.


It teaches men & women the 3 major areas of lovemaking in Tantra physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


All the techniques learned are used in Tantra so once harnessed they can be applied with your partner for powerful love-making and deep connections.


There is a focus on intention setting and channeling the energy for manifestations, using powerful kundalini energy and high vibrations.


3rd Module Fire


This class cumulates with you all that you have learned in levels 1 and 2 and builds onto them.


We go into Ecstatic Dance, Primal Scream, Kundalini energy, some Tantric Yogic Asanas to raise energy.


The Asanas help expand pleasure and are essential daily practices for the tantric lover, these Asanas lead into awakening the Kundalini energy.


This session is very dynamic and the energy level is high, it is where you and your client put together all they have learned in sessions 1 and 2, utilizing the Tantric breaths combining with the yoga postures and manifesting into the universe.

We also practise the Oceanic Tantric Massage, along with Erotic Blueprint.


When your client is in hypnotic states or transcendental states you, plant the seeds of positive affirmations into their psyche in order to give them the courage to move forward with their goals. Manifesting is one part of achieving our desires but having the courage to go outside of our comfort zone and take action is the second part of bringing our life to the next level.


It is more focused on the energy as you guide your client through the massage, breaths, postures raising energy, and circulating it around it is a very powerful experience.


There are variations of endings that you can choose which would suit your personal practice.


Yab -Yum the ultimate meditation Asana or alternatively a transcending Earth Yoni blessing: a beautiful journey honoring the divine feminine.

How to perform all rituals in a gender-fluid way.

Self-developmental tools to promote healing on all 4 levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.


You can teach this level exactly as you learn it, alternatively, you can expand it incorporating your own mindful skills and gifts.

4th Module

Advanced Tantra

Once the preliminary levels are accomplished we move into the more advanced intimate tantra techniques.

We will disclose this course content with you at the end of Level 3 as these are sacred arts.

Teacher Training

If you wish to work as an AOMT teacher let us know and we will arrange a private teacher training for you, these vary depending on your background and experience.

Group trainings are held once a year for anyone that wishes to learn to be an instructor and hold group courses wether independently or for The Academy.

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