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Queer East London artist Gary Albert brings back his award-winning masterpiece ‘Luminosity’ to East London. 


Described as a “multi-instrumental dream" and “beautiful with unforgettable music” by critics, this sonic expression of the creation of the universe, the wonder of the cosmos, the beauty of our planet and the miracle of human life whisks audiences away on a journey of awe, delight and wonder as flutes, piano, voice and stunning special FX are looped and layered before you eyes.


If you've ever so much as thought about questions like “Why is there a universe”, “Why is there something rather than nothing?” and “How can I live a more meaningful life within the vastness?” then ‘Luminosity’ is for you.


Gary Albert has taken audiences on this sonic tonic of an adventure at Soul Pride LGBTQIA+ festival Soul Pride, Wilderness Festival and Wonderment Festival, and has performed alongside the likes of Brian May and Kerry Ellis at the Royal Albert Hall as well as stages at The Barbican, Royal Festival Hall and The Purcell Rooms.


The very first sparks of light shimmer through his ethereal flute, the gathering stardust that forms galaxies and solar systems ripples from his sparkling piano, and the miracle of life emerging on planet Earth pours through his soaring vocals.


Weaving it all together with masterful loops, lush layers, emotive soaring melodies, and a multitude of dreamy and other worldy FX, Gary Albert, The Music Alchemist, invites you on a sonic voyage out to the furthest reaches of the universe and back home to your own heart…

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