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About Andro and Eve

Andro and Eve create unique, feel good events that celebrate queer culture where everyone is welcome. They programme and produce arts and culture that explores queer stories, focusing on voices that are otherwise marginalised, to reflect and celebrate the diversity that exists within the LGBTQIA community.

Andro and Eve collaborate with artists to facilitate accessible programmes of creative opportunities, with workshops in zine making, crafts, creative writing and drag king performance helping communities develop their skills and understanding, and share in memorable experiences.

Andro and Eve are the creators of one of the UK’s largest drag king cabarets, The Kingdom Come and their queer cabaret, A Reyt Queer Do has been lighting up the South Yorkshire scene, providing a platform for fresh queer talent, since 2017. 

Andro and Eve are also facilitators of Gender Awareness training, working with organisations across the UK to support them to meet the needs of clients and customers of all genders, especially those who fall under the Transgender umbrella.

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