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My name is Barney Pau, and I am a London-based creative working across food, writing, and art, whose practice examines queering consumption, food futures, urban ecopiracy, and resistance through foraging and fermenting. I believe that food, in its ubiquity, is a medium of communication that can transcend language, and in my practice I use it to translate the social and ecological critical theory my research undertakes.

Since graduating from the MA Art and Ecology at Goldsmiths, University of London, I have working to inspire change in the way people think about food by altering how they eat it. This has been with forageable tablescapes which explore different theoretical themes. Guests are affronted with alternative ways of eating to encourage them to reapproach the way they think and see. All of my food is plant-based, using locally sourced, foraged, and fermented ingredients.

I have attached some photos of previous events. Art Research Garden was a food comission for Goldsmiths University, for the opening of their ecology garden, which examined the cyclicality of nature from germination to decomposition. Ecology of Dereliction, for the launch of Eyesore Magazine, used waste produce and fermented and foraged elements in celebration of urban ecology. 'Unnatural' Nature, in collaboration with photographer Hannah Morgan at Have a Butchers Gallery, explored what it is to be queer in nature. Out of the Peat, exhibited at Flatlands Projects, examined communality and atemporality. Intimate Ingesting, in collaboration with Fatima Alaiwat for hARTlane Gallery, was a community focussed meal using local allotment produce to celebrate repetition over novelty.

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