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The birth of a baby brings on fresh challenging duties from nursing feeding and monitoring the baby’s security. The untimely wake-up cries, unpredictable sleeping patterns and constant changing of nappies are just but a few of the challenges. But the best baby monitor consumer reports indicate that it doesn’t have to be so with the latest technological advancements. Monitoring your baby’s cause for alarm or security can be done from a remote location when you have the best Wi-Fi baby monitor camera, an iPhone or an Android device.


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Below are three such cameras that give you instant footage to your baby’s room or crib at any moment;


1. Nooie Baby Monitor, WiFi Camera



The Nooie baby monitor gives you access to check on your baby any time of the day or night. Even the pitch-black night is no obstacle. Using a pair of two powerful infrared lights of 980 nm, it gives you a clear vision up to a distance of 32 feet away. That means you don’t have to startle the child by switching on a bright light. Besides you can also turn off the camera’s light indicator off or on from its app.


To cover a wide area, the smart camera rotates 360 degrees horizontally, 94 degrees vertically and provides a field view of 101 degrees. That equips it to cover all the corners of your baby’s room or crib. Using the top-quality sensor and 1080 HD camera lens it gives crisp clear videos. 


Once installed in a room, it will automatically track and record any suspicious movement and sound. Then, it will send you a real-time notification of the event to your iPhone or Android device. Or if you wish, you can set it to provide 24 hours/7 days of live video streaming.


Through the app, you can pan and tilt the camera manually and access a particular location of a room to view a suspicious movement or sound from even when you are at a remote location. The Nooie baby monitor supports two-way communication with your baby since it has an in-built microphone and speaker. Soothing your baby to sleep by singing a lullaby is then possible even from your office through a 2.4G Wi-Fi internet connection. With integrated anti-noise technology, unwanted sounds are filtered out for super clarity.


The baby monitor camera gives you two options to record video; continuous recording or motion-activated recording. To keep your videos for later viewing, you can store them on the premium cloud storage service. Alternatively, the device also gives you the micro SD storage provision of up to 128 GB capacity.


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2. Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor



This Nanit plus baby monitor is one of the top esteemed wireless baby monitors. It relies on the internet protocol network or Wi-Fi to transmit the data recorded to your android or iOS device. So, whether you are in your office or on a journey you can view real-time activities in your house. For example, it will tell you if the baby is still asleep, awake or how the nanny is treating the baby.


Installing the Nanit baby monitor is easy since its package provides both the camera and the wall installation mount. Whether it’s during the day or night, the indoor camera gives you ultra-clear real-time HD video and audio streaming. On top of the live real-time pictures, it allows you to talk to your baby and even hear feedback sound plus the background noises. 


Do you wish to have a closer view of a tiny item in your little angel’s room? The higher megapixel pictures and the zooming function come to your aid. As a smart monitor, it has the safety of your child at heart. When a strange sound or movement occurs, the Nanit smart indoor camera turns and captures the event. 


Unlike the Nooie baby monitor, this device incorporates the smart temperature and humidity sensors to keep check of the baby’s sleeping environment. You can thus know if it’s too hot or too cold and then adjust the child’s clothing appropriately. When combined with  Nanit sleepwear, the smart indoor camera alerts you of a baby’s breathing pattern. 


It studies you baby’s breathing pattern without any electronic device making physical contact with your little one. For that reason, the Nanit plus stands out among other wireless baby monitoring cameras. As the baby monitor with screen and app controls, you can personalize and track your baby’s sleeping pattern. That helps to detect any anomaly from her usual pattern.


Once you have recorded your precious data on the cloud, the device uses the AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption to safeguard that data.


3. Baby Monitor, Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera 


If you need the smart indoor camera that brings out even the minutest picture details then try out the Lefun camera. It easily connects and pairs up with your PC, android and iOS devices through the 2.4 G Wi-Fi network. By employing the superior one dot matrix infrared lights and blending it to an F2.0 aperture lens, this security device captures even the smile of your child. The infrared light enables night vision up to a distance of 30 feet


The Lefun qualifies as the best Wi-Fi baby monitor iPhone friendly camera. When motion detection is enabled, it will automatically take snapshots and record video images then send them directly to your android and iOS device via the Wi-Fi network. With such a facility, you can keep a check of your child’s location and prevent accidents wherever necessary.


When installed correctly the Lefun indoor camera provides a large view angle. It supports the 360 degrees panning ability and the 100 degrees vertical tilt angle. When combined with its superior night vision ability, nothing can go wrong around the camera without being detected. And when your child is headed the wrong direction, simply warn him through the phone regardless of where you are. That is made possible by the two-way communication ability of the device.


Once the data is recorded you can either store them in the cloud storage service or in the micro SD card. After receiving intelligent message alerts, this indoor security monitoring device, allows you to access the camera simultaneously with other family members. Thus, you can discuss how to take action on a situation that requires urgency.


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The inclusion of the Wi-Fi network to the above security cameras makes monitoring and communicating of your baby from a remote location possible. Thus, you can spy on your nanny or know when the baby is awake. The above baby monitor devices send you real-time update messages about your baby's condition.

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