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Bliss is the current project of writer and academic Adam Kaasa. Born in Canada, they were classically trained in piano and had been singing in choirs since they were a child. They left music at 18, fearful of a career that might ‘out’ them to their friends and family. They moved to the UK and in 2017, Bliss emerged, proudly queer, with the debut single 'Alone Together' released on the Berlin-based label Wicked Hag.

In 2022, ‘Alone Together’ was picked up for synchronisation in the award-winning television series ‘Sunshine Eyes’ (dir Maria von Heland). On 24 March 2023, ‘Gathering’ was launched by the Istanbul-based collective ‘The House of Spring’, an album fundraiser for LGBTQ Earthquake Solidarity for the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Bliss contributed ‘Alone Together’ to the initiative which closes out the 23-track album.

Previous releases include the dance-anthem ‘Call Me By My Name’ featured on the Wicked Hag compilation album ‘Peak Shame’ (2019). On 24 January 2020 Bliss launched their third single ‘Powder’ during a live interview on BBC London Radio, invited by presenters LionHeart and Salma El-Wardany. ‘Powder’ was featured in Berlin In Stereo ‘Tracks of the Week.' The Remix EP ‘Everything is Powder’ featuring remixes of ‘Powder’ by London-based queer pop-duo CRISP&CLASSY and Berlin-based non-binary artist Mad Kate.

In the November 2020 issue of the German print publication Siegessäule described ‘Powder’ as “a powdery-sweet piece of pop” and declared that “lyrically somewhere between queer empowerment and homage to powdered substances like sugar, drugs, makeup or vitamins the catchy Latin electropop number convinces across the board.” 

Queen City Sounds and Art calls ‘Powder’ “a fusion of Calypso beats and percussion with pop structure and melodies giving a balance of tonal and rhythmic elements that gives the song a way to be fresh in each iteration of the chorus,” while The Rose Hill calls Bliss's sound “expressive electro-pop.”

In October 2020, Bliss launched the music video for ‘Powder’ working with producer Jenifer Shahin, DoP Roux Malherbe and featuring dance artists Stefan Jovanovic and H. Gareth Gavin. Since launching on YouTube the video has been watched over 12,000 times.

Bliss is based in London.

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