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About CineQ

CineQ is a LGBTQ community cinema operating in Birmingham, U.K.

Our programme focuses specifically on queer stories with an emphasis on queer people of colour to tackle
tackle underrepresentation is the film exhibition sector. We champion short films as this is
sometime the most accessible form of filmmaking for queerness in the UK especially, and we show
independent, British and international films. During a time of violence against young black men, we
screened Check It, a documentary that looks at homelessness and street crime whilst tracking the
day-to-day lives of young queer black people who formed a street gang to protect themselves in the
capital of America. We’ve screened archive footage named black gay group during LGBT History
Month, which looks at the black British experience in 70’s England. We’ve got an event in August,
which focuses on the female gaze. We’ve attempted to queer the yuletide classic, ‘A Christmas
Carol’ by programming queer films that pertain to the past present and future. And most of all, we
use accessible films so leverage the ones that are harder to watch.

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