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Crayola the Queen, (Nominated for Best Host and Best Promoter/Producer, as well as Best Ongoing Cabaret for Crayola's Madhouse, QX Cabaret Awards 2019) has made quite the splash with her unique brand of campy, cute, cartoonish comedy, excelling as an MC, lip-syncer, and parodic singer. While she may be an immaculate entertainer and event organiser, she’s far from doughnuts for dinner - smart, inventive, and politically engaged, this queen is on a campaign to spread compassion within the queer community and beyond! Follow @CrayolaTheQueen to keep up with the cray!

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Cabaret Roulette: TRANSITIONS
Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London
Wednesday 12th February 2020
Crayola's Madhouse: 50 Shades of Cray
The Glory, London
Thursday 20th February 2020
The Cray Ground: Bottomless Drag Brunch!
Babel Art House / Cafe & Restaurant London, London
Saturday 22nd February 2020