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About Diesel Dyke Club

Diesel Dyke Club is for dykes who want to hang out with other dykes.

We are grassroots, accessible, and inclusive of ALL dykes.

We are bringing the dyke night life we have long been starved of to Manchester with a mixture of non-ticketed pub takeovers and ticketed club nights, which we intend to keep affordable and low cost.

For our pub takeovers expect warm vibes, pints, hanging out, and gazing dreamily across the bar at that butch you just can't take your eyes off. Just like going to the pub with your mates except the whole place is filled with dykes.

When it's a club night, our DJs will be spinning your favourite dykey tunes from MUNA to Patti Smith, mixed with flirting, dancing, pining, lusting, and performances by drag kings and the silliest sexiest cabaret acts around.

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