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I've had over 27 year's experince of meditation. I learnt to meditate aged 19 and then went to live in a Buddhist comunity after graduating. Aged 27 I ordained as a Buddhist monk, living in the monastery for 6 years. I now live in London where I teach mindfulness through a weekly meditation group for gay/bi men and corporate mindfulness workshops. 

I learnt the 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) model in 2012 and have been teaching two courses per year, bringing my experince in the monsatery into this secular format for teaching. 

When I came to London aged 34 I had had 12 years of being celibate, and I started to explore how to make friends with my body. I went on various workshops, massage courses and self-development workshops which focused on well being in the body. I've also worked with a body therapist and explored how to resolve the issues that blocked me in my own body. In the Awakening to Bliss workshop I explore some of the things that I've learnt as a way to overcome shame and inhibition.

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