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Arcane praxes of occultist ritualism, neo-paganist symbolism and meme magick have been co-opted in the recent online culture wars between the alt-right and alt-left.

F U T U R E R I T U A L is a project by artist joseph morgan schofield (UK), that aims to reclaim practices of magical thinking, ritual, fluid identities and leaderless activism, to take them offline and to explore, analyse, and imagine future possibilities. how can arcane technologies shape our future? what do future rituals look like? who are they for? what should they try and do?

We invite artists to imagine how the combination of performance art and ritual//magick//religion//spirituality (which have been tropes of performance art FOREVER AND A DAY) can help us navigate our contemporary existence and imagine//manifest//experience alternative futures.


a queer ritual might be a ritual where rites and traditions are queered, or re-discovered, or enacted by queers for queers. it is likely engaged in the conscious rejection of heterosexual societal norms. they likely resist and critique the politics of assimilation and celebrate, instead, subversion, indecency, aberrance, and difference.

‚Äča queer ritual might be a strategy for survival, for effecting social and political change, for taking on the world and for making it through the damn day.

a queer ritual might involve dancing, sigil crafting, dragging up, singing, bleeding, mourning, celebrating, loving, shouting, or something else entirely.

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