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I shall offer affordable workshops in magical 'Praxis' with an emphasis on mutual care, social justice, queerness and anticapitalist values. These are sharings of magic that I provide to create micro temporary communities in which to care about ourselves and each other through the processes of personal and collective change that constitute Divination (Tarot/I-Ching and more), Meditation, Journeying, creative spell/poetry/prose/incantation writing, making up rituals, rites and the making of fabulous DIY talismanic objects of spiritual artisanry.

You would like to join this group and attend our activities if you would like a radical anarcho-religious performance art perspective on magic and spiritual personal practice, but also simple and 'queer'-forward introductions to how you can use these old tools in new ways and creatively fabricate magic of your own. You would like this group if you like to Play and if you agree that Play is magic.

The practices we share can be both collective and personal, and we learn and understand them through structured workshops of queer neo-pseudo-shamanic ecstatics in order to develop our personal care practice, but also to understand what it is like to practice in a circle of held space with members of the collective for which we all have a duty of care. And we do it to Explore Our Souls.

La Chiva ( is a neo-pseudo-Shaman, Anarchist Queer, Expressionist Spiritual (performance) Artist, Witch and Diviner. Click here to view an Ecstatic online Exhibition of La Chiva's Fish Story (life story) as told through it's carnival-esque works of Spiritual Artisanry (

I consider my spirito-artistico Praxis to be fundamentally interpersonal and incorporates my direct working providing Divination and Spiritual Social Services ( by suggested donation; the ecstatic works of spiritual artisanry I create with collaborators; and sharings and workshops I offer to the collective at affordable prices or by donation; and put 25% of proceeds toward direct action projects like cooking for unhoused neighbours.

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