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Fish Story Gallery is a Queer Anarchist collective dedicated to providing spiritual and practical, Mutual Aid and Care to other Queer, marginalised and/or oppressed individuals; and to anyone in need of being listened to, understood and cared about; during these difficult days of environmental collapse, the ongoing cruelty of capitalism, and the terrifying rise of hateful and oppressive conservative political forces around the globe. We are trying to survive and we want you to survive with us; and, if it’s not too late, for all of us even to thrive.


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Fish Story Gallery Manifesto:

Fish Story Gallery is the tiny radical undertaking of Queers who have made a difference in each other’s lives and who want to share the acceptance, kindness and care we have found in our own urban home; with anyone who might benefit from what we have learned and what we have to offer. We care about and for each other without hierarchy, and we have truly experienced healing together. We want to share the same with You on a pay-what-you-can, for-trade and NOTAFLOF (no one turned away for lack of funds) basis.

We practice and perform Tarot and I-Ching readings, and education about Divination, as a primary tool for radical self-care and survival in a social world of conformity and commodification; and in which it is the increasingly explicit political project of the far (and even not-so-far) right, aided implicitly by capitalist greed, to silence, erase and ultimately eradicate queer, black and brown, immigrant, disabled, and trans lives, of all kinds. 

We continue to use Divination as a therapeutic and healing practice for ourselves, in order to address our own painful and damaging experiences of childhood abuse, sexual, physical and social trauma, self-hatred and addiction; and it is our mission to share what we regard as the anti-institutional, “people’s therapy” of Divination with any and all others who want to benefit from its wisdom and healing. 

We practice and share Yoga, Meditation and neo-shamanic journeying as crucial forms of physical and spiritual healing, self-education and self-care. 

We grow and make homemade herbal and plant medicine, and vegan food, to heal and nurture ourselves and others; and to make intimate and vital contact with the wounded Earth. 

We make images, objects, texts and moving pictures of “spiritual artisanry”; art that is literally in-Spired by, and which emerges from, our engagements with all of the above practices. These are not objets d'art in the sense of capitalist commodification; but rather, relics and talismans, souvenirs from our encounters with the subtle world of spirit. 

We delight in ecstatic, queer, neo-pseudo Shamanic/witchcraft Rites, Rituals and Magic Spells and Ceremonies; corresponding to the phases of the moon, the solstices and equinoxes, and as a way to positively manifest for all beings. We focus our efforts and intentions through Ritual action. 

This is the 'Serious Play' of our project.


Fish Story Gallery is a project instigated by La Chiva; Neo-pseudo Shaman, Anarchist Queer, Expressionist Spiritual Artisan, Witch and Diviner (They/Them/It):


I, La Chiva, was born in the middle of the so-called united states-of-somebody-else’s america; and I grew up white and middle class, and queer. As a young queer kid I was told that I was possessed by a daemon. My queerness or so-called ‘same sex desire,’ my feminine identifications (all of it goes together, really); was the sign of daemonic possession.


Now, well…


La Chiva Is the Daemon in Me and I am La Chiva.


I moved to New York City, where I made experimental performance pieces, taught preschool, attended some universities (BA Art History/Early Childhood studies, MSW Social Work); took a lot of dance and yoga classes; engaged in psychotherapy; provided psychotherapy to others; lived in an ashram and took a lot of drugs and alcohol; not necessarily in that order, but sometimes all of it at once, sometimes even all on the same day!


I have trained in psychotherapy/psychoanalysis, social work and art, and I am a self-taught mystical spiritual artisan. I have worked for the past 20+ years in some of the poorest and most diverse communities in both NYC and London (Divided Kingdom); in jails, family centres, psychiatric hospitals and the court system.


When I turned 30 and moved to England, I attended some more universities (MA performance art, MA psychosocial studies), did more drugs and drinking; engaged in 10+ years of Jungian psychoanalysis; went to a lot of recovery meetings; did more work helping the government control its poor and marginalised people; made more performance art pieces, and adopted a child.


After I became a parent to a dependent human child through bureaucratic legal processes of adoption; and once I reached middle age, I became disillusioned with both addiction and the State; and I came to the conclusion that contemporary capitalist culture and the neo-liberal institutions that support it are all a bunch of bullshit. And that goes as well for many or most of the charitable and clinical institutions that are meant to support people, but usually just end up categorizing, blaming and basically pushing them around, if not plainly abusing them outright.


So I started reading Tarot cards professionally and getting up to my old performance art theatrics; this time infused with a deeper spiritual commitment to the actual magic of ecstatic ritual performance as a tool for healing. Because, after all - along with the love of my Sasquatch-Rhinoceros-Child - it was the incorporation of faith in ancestral and household magic, and the soul wisdom gleaned via the magical hermeneutics of Divination, that ultimately saved me from addiction and suicide.


Magic is healing and healing is magic; caring for each other is craft, like making something with your hands. Making something with your hands is healing; taking care of yourself and the collective, through making things with your hands, your heart, your mind and the materials of your life story; is magic.


At Fish Story Gallery, We Play this Way.

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Journey into Yoga & Meditation; a Queer Sharing of Practice
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