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Funday Sunday Live is an online drag show with a twist. Its one big Sunday afternoon party broadcast on zoom where you become a part of the show! It’s been going since lockdown began and has attracted a cult family of followers.

There’s the usual comedy banter and singing that you’d expect from our hostess Fonda Cox, Interspersed with audience participation rounds of Bingo, and  Retro 80’s quiz shows like play your cards right and family fortunes as well as Fonda's scavenger hunt Nosey Neighbour where she gets you to bring dubious items to the camera and tell us their story.  All whilst competing for real prizes!

The prizes won’t make you rich but they will make you laugh. Fonda believes that a prize should always be ”Something that you wouldn’t buy for yourself.” So to be sure that every prize she sources would fit this category, she shops on wish, for some of the most ridiculous inventions, and presents your prize via her own home shopping network adverts.

Every month is themed and many of the audience like to dress up, some of them even decorate their lounge for the event, and Fonda always prepares a parody pop video based on the theme, so far she’s had Boris Johnson dancing in a Madonna Cone Bra, Bonnie Tyler singing in a skip, The little mermaid dreaming of sprouting legs...(three of them!) and He-Man remade as They-Man for a non binary, Sam Smith approved millennial audience.

Upcoming Themes:

November: Country/Wild West


By the time the show ends, the audience all feel like they’ve been sat in a pub for hours with friends, back in the good old days when you could mingle, sing, laugh and cheer without worrying about a £200 fine!  

Come and join the cult family of viewers for an afternoon of fun you’ll never want to miss again!

There are adult themes discussed during the show so keep that in mind when booking tickets, this show is a typical drag show and therefore not always suitable for children’s ears.

Only one ticket needed per viewing household (one ticket per zoom connection regardless of the number of people viewing on that single zoom connection)

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