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About Held From Two Ends

Held From Two Ends is a space, a collaboration and a joint facilitation between Stefan Jovanović and Mahab Kazmi. Together they host family constellation workshops in London (UK), exploring the potential and novelty of distributed forms of facilitation and therapeutic interventions within the realm of ancestral and trans-generational healing. 


Mahab Kazmi weaves relational body psychotherapy with soul activism, body work and systemic facilitation. Her work comprises individual sessions, group processing, embodied journeying in private circles, organisations and retreats. She has worked therapeutically with individuals for the last 12 years. She trained as a Family Systemic Constellator with the Centre for Systemic Constellations, has assisted on Foundation and Applied level trainings with the CSC, and currently assists on the Couples Therapy Training. Mahab helps her clients unfurl their embodied authority by embracing their experience of being human through an inclusive stance that befriends different ways of seeing, sensing and belonging. Her therapeutic approach and sensibility are informed by her own mixed cultural heritage, love of movement, a deep appreciation for the healing potential of stories, as well as a decade of artistic practice exploring connection, identity, polarities and initiation. She works in Hackney (UK), Toulouse (France) and online.


Stefan Jovanović integrates Somatic Experiencing™ with ancestral & systemic trauma recovery and Neuroaffective Touch™. He trained as a Family Systemic Constellator with the Centre for Systemic Constellations and has assisted on the Applied level training with the CSC. He trained as a SE™ Practitioner in the UK and currently assists on SE™ trainings in London (UK), Zagreb (HR) and Belrade (SRB). Stefan has also worked as a choreographer and theatre director since 2014, and is the artistic director of interdisciplinary company Studio Stefan Jovanović. He professionally focuses on integrating trauma recovery through story-telling within the performing arts and advocates for collaborative production-making with dancers, designers, producers and therapists. He has assisted Dr. Peter Levine and Betsy Polatin in their workshop Trauma and the Performing Artist in 2016. In his private practice, Stefan works in person from Stoke Newington (UK) and online, focusing on supporting LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent communities.

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