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We are now running our uplifting KB Kickboxing classes online.


For the special £1 offer you’ll have UNLIMITED access for 7 days to:

1.  7 complete beginner workouts (which you can do multiple times)


2.  6 live feed classes, Mon, Wed & Thu (6pm & 7pm)


3.  1-2-1 training via WhatsApp


4.  To sculpt your body, nutritional and strength training advice is available


5.  Join the school’s WhatsApp group and feel connected despite the current isolation


6.  Get an Online KB Kickboxing Black Belt; following a grading system is highly rewarding


Come and be a part of the KB positivity.

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KB Kickboxing Trial Classes
Online Event
Wednesday 21st October 2020 (+ 2 other dates)
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