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About Lets B Crystal Queer

Let's B Crystal Queer based on Instagram is not just a queer group but a group that discusses disability in the queer world and everything that comes with that. As a disabled woman, I wanted to create a space for people like me to come together and talk about important issues while still a place where you can have a fun night and enjoy life during lockdown and onwards.


Our nights are fort nightly nights 

🎬Monday Movie Nights🎬 - A way to come together watch a movie over zoom and start the week off right.

Let's Discuss Thursdays - Bouncing between discussing issues on disability and LGBTQIA+ life.  Bringing a positive conversation. 

Karaoke Fridays - Grab your drink and your pets and come welcome in the weekend.

With are an occasional party night with DJ'S and performers.

hope you join 😘


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