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‘Once in a very great while a performer comes along who is touched by greatness, who mixes a incredible, innate ability with insight,  great wit and a knowledge of the great artists who have preceded them. Luca Manning is such an artist.’

Luca Manning is an artist who questions rigidity. 

Shaped initially by the buzzing Glasgow music and arts scene, Luca now finds their heart stolen by all that East London has to offer.

In their words, Luca’s music could be described as : ‘An ethereal art-pop adventure peeking down alleyways of improvisation, storytelling and spoken word.’

Luca’s most recent work : ’noises with friends e.p’, is perhaps their most honest and adventurous to date. It is a self proclaimed antithesis to the performative perfection that has us chasing our tales amongst the current rat race, fogging our creative process. ‘noises with friends’ sinks in to the messiness and spectrum of emotions intrinsic to our experience as we try to figure it all out. 

As a 2021/21 Resident artist at London’s iconic Roundhouse, right now feels like an exciting time for Luca. 

 In their spare time Luca enjoys dancing to disco, turning lewks and dreaming of the day they’ll own a baby sausage dog called Aretha.

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~ vocalist ~ songwriter ~ occasional loudmouth ~

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