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About Midnight Circle Productions

Midnight Circle breathes new life into the themes of Gothic Literature as a non-traditional theatre company in unique venues and places of interest.


Although a lot of our inspiration may come from historical work, we do not use that as an
excuse to stay in historical values. We champion stories and casting from all demographics
and want to create a safe community for all to feel welcome and valued.
Most of our work is devised and highly character driven. As such we really value each
company member and performers input, life experience, and open heartedness to bring
these stories to life.
You will not find anyone with more respect for the original text that us. However, in our
storytelling we pick themes and characters that have something particular to say and expand
on that, turning the text on its head and bringing something new, exciting, and relevant to a
modern audience. The venues we choose are another character in our shows, bringing an
immersive quality to the subject matter. We are constantly playing with the way we perform
shows, challenging the traditional theatre experience.
Although we may play around and experiment in our storytelling, our work will always be
related to the themes in Gothic Fiction. The motifs of the genre are great tools for us to
heighten our thoughts and feelings on various subjects and something we will always feel
connected too.

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”
– Hamlet, William Shakespeare

In the next three years we plan to become an award-winning company as the leader’s in
Gothic storytelling. Creating high quality, character driven productions both in London and
touring regionally and abroad. We want to bring together a community of artists and
audience members alike to share in our love of the genre and create dark but beautiful
worlds together.

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