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Miss Hope Springs was born Helen O'Flaherty Sprinchitz some time in the early-ish part of the last century in a suburb of Las Vegas known as Paradise. She was raised by her single mother Rusty and had only a basic education - learning the rudiments of macrame, Lithuanian and tap by the age of 5.

As Hope was alway tall for her height she was picked up, I mean out, at 16 years old by the manager of the lesser know Pink Pelican Casino in the more 'liberal' part of the Nevada frontier where she danced three shows a night.

However artistic difference led her to find a new method of employment and she was discovered one night by Ray Charles who helped her find first job as a cocktail pianist and singer in The Starlight Lounge.

Hope began writing songs, and wrote numbers for all the greats. Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como. They never sang any of the songs so she had to sing them herself...

Hope returned to the Pink Pelican in the early 70s as a headline act and worked with everyone from Sir Noel Coward to Liberace. Bad investments led her to bankruptcy and after the Pink Pelican was dynamited and redeveloped she took refuge in the UK.  In 1973 she emigrated to London with her hairdresser husband Irving Less (hence she never uses her married name and sticks to Miss) where she embarked on a solo career in the bars of Soho and an occasional appearance down the docks in Portsmouth. Hope currently lives with Irving and his protégé Carlos in a mobile home in Dungeness.


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