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Nourishing a Black and People of Colour led Solidarity Economy Ecosystem. 


In 2019, we (Guppi and Noni of Decolonising Economics) found ourselves among an ecosystem of Black and People of Colour organisers who were working tirelessly towards a solidarity economy rooted in racial justice principles. 


These storytellers, caregivers, builders, frontline responders, healers creating nourishing economic realities for their communities, unresourced, unrecognised and disconnected from each other. 


We dreamed for over three years about aligning and resourcing this ecosystem so that it would be able to effectively build community power and continue the legacies of resistance against racial capitalism.


The Nourishing Economics Programme is a story of a nourishing community. Through our three retreats, we experimented with solidarity economy practices rooted in our ancestors' vision of economic self determination. We cooked, cried and cultivated joy together to build shared strategies of BPOC care and liberation.

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