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About Red Eye - Electronic Music Night


Red Eye, in English slang, means the flight that leaves late at night and arrives early in the morning. With this, we would like you to come and enjoy a late night of electronic music.

Jesus RedSoul and his team are a monthly party for all the electronic music lovers, all the party dancers, and those who like to get the Red Eye in the morning. We are your party. We bring to the LGBTQ2S+ venues the opportunity to the type of music they can usually only experience at a festival or major event.


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Next parties October 21st,

November 18th,

December 23rd.


Village 512

512 Kingsland Rd,

London E8 4AE
10 pm – 6 am


10 pm to 11 pm, free entrance

11 pm to midnight £8

midnight to close £12

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