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About Stanley Arts

Stanley Arts aims to be one of South London’s premiere arts and performance venues, providing our local community with a vital home for cultural expression and discovery. As a radically inclusive space we seek to foreground under-represented voices, providing artists of colour and LGBTQ+ creatives with a platform to reach out to audiences across South London and beyond.

Our community

Stanley Arts welcomes all audiences and all artists, but is particularly welcoming to communities that have previously been excluded from creative spaces.

Our artistic family includes the widest range of artists working in dance, music, theatre, performance, visual arts, and crafts. We seek to give emerging artists across all these art forms the opportunity to grow through innovation, collaboration and participation.

With a particular eye on the creative technologies of the future, we embrace opportunities to create and share work through digital media.

  • We stand up for our family.
  • We stand out from the crowd.
  • We stand proud of our heritage.
  • We stand together with our community.
  • We stand for Stanley.

With the inherent challenges of a Grade 2 listed building, we do not currently have full access to all our space for all disabled communities but, as we seek funding for capital improvements, expanding access across the site is at the forefront of our future development plans. Drop us a line directly to to discuss any specific access needs.

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