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About The Pride Hub (Surrey)

The Pride Hub in Surrey is an exciting and unique venue for the LGBTQI+ community allies where they can meet, socialise and even go on a date for something to do. The Pride Hub is funded and managed by volunteers of Pride in Surrey however, it is the communities space so if you have any ideas that are inclusive of everyone, please get in touch!

At The Pride Hub those visiting have access to fab LGBTQ+ literature, leading information surrounding services that support different intersectional parts of the community and ability to engage with the Pride in Surrey volunteers who are people from the community or allies that want to put their personal time into making Surrey a much more inclusive, welcoming and beautiful place to live, work and visit. 

Pride in Surrey are proud to be working in partnership with or inputting into a wide range of organisations that bring vital health and well being care, accurate information, Reflective signposting and varied levels of support & aftercare.

The Pride Hub is funded through sales in it's LGBTQ+ shop front and the Pride in Surrey, Pride hub heroes who have their names printed on bricks at the pride hub celebrating them with huge thanks from the whole community. 

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