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Our Mission Statement

Unorthodox is a new LGBTQ+ Drum and Bass movement, all about pushing boundaries, exploring new territories and bringing cultures together.

We are Unorthodox, the UK’s first Queer Drum and Bass movement. Rave culture was built by queer communities. Today’s scene has deviated from this and we want to bring it back to its roots, creating a space that is open, fair and accepting to all.

We started at the beginning of 2020 with an aim to break down barriers within the scene. We noticed how the scene had become dominated by straight male DJ's and that queer representation at raves was severely lacking. We started with some research in a sizable Facebook group, simply asking people's thoughts on the matter. This post blew up with a lot of homophobia, as well as many calling for such an event; a fire had been lit and we didn’t want to let it die out.

Since our inception almost 2 years ago we have made serious headway with features from mixmag, DJ Mag, UKF and recognition from many key players such as Hospital records, Sherelle, A.M.C, Boomtown Fair, Tomorrowland and more. We have built our own series of successful events in London with plans to venture to other UK cities in 2022 as well as grow our London shows. We have stage/brand takeovers in the pipeline for UK and European festivals and we hope to secure some more for the upcoming festival season.

Beyond this and most importantly we have managed to tap into and bring together a queer community within the world of Jungle/Drum and Bass; a community that has always existed but has been segregated and suppressed… until now.

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