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Our Mission Statement

Unorthodox is a new LGBTQ+ Drum and Bass movement, all about pushing boundaries, exploring new territories and bringing cultures together.

Launch a new type of LGBTQ+ event, built upon a foundation of ground-breaking Drum and Bass music. Our shows aim to break the mould by taking inspiration from other successful LGBTQ+ events, whilst featuring a mostly Queer Drum and Bass line-up with alternative entertainment and performances. Establishing an exciting, safe and non-threatening rave environment for all to enjoy.

Introduce equal opportunity for LGBTQ+ artists, through constant efforts to discover, support and promote LGBTQ+ Drum and Bass talent; in order to create a fair and inclusive scene.

Help shape the Drum and Bass scene for future generations, by building a strong, like-minded community of artists, performers, ravers and allies. Drum and Bass has become established due to its loyal following; for its growth to continue, we feel there’s a need for the scene to adapt and become more inclusive.

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