Twenty-Eight Book Launch Tour


Twenty-Eight Book Launch Tour


In May 1988 a law was passed that made ‘promotion’ of LGBTQI+ identities illegal across the United Kingdom. Until the early 2000s, young queer people in the UK grew up in the shadow of this oppressive law.


Now, 22 years after the law was repealed in Scotland and 20 years after its repeal in the rest of the UK, twenty-eight LGBTQI+ creatives whose upbringing was scarred by this queerphobic legislation share their phenomenal stories.

Join us as we celebrate the launch of this groundbreaking book and the incredible people who have contributed to it. With events all over the UK, we’re honouring and celebrating queer survival across the countries that Section 28 impacted.

Each event will have readings from local contributors, Q&A, and words from the book’s editor and curator Kestral Gaian.