The Margate Arts Club is an intimate venue that feels like a friendly house party.

We have been putting on gatherings with a nod to the loft party/ David Mancuso ethos since 2013.  

We host socials, listening events, and pure joyful Queer parties. 

Ring the bell, behind the turquoise doors you will find a cute little garden, fantastic drinks, cocktails and an amazing sound system. 

Open some fridays, most Saturdays 6pm-2am

We encourage freedom of expression, dressing up, costumes, fun times and hot, sweaty dancing.

We are home to a number of regular dance events, including Cockles and Muscles, CAMP, Fast Fashion and DANCE DANCE DANCE. We host regular cabaret nights such as Scratch and Sniff and Is a Drag.

We also host socials, gatherings, experimental music nights and a whole host of other community-focused projects.

Code of Conduct:

The Margate Arts Club is a joyful, Queer-run, LGBTQIA+ focused, anti-racist, intersectional organisation and community space. Everyone welcome, though our space is Queer, female, Trans, non-binary centered.

We open our doors to everyone that is nice and respectful; radical free thinkers, artists, creatives, kinksters, left-wingers, socialists, environmentalists, supporters of equal rights and allies to the LGBTQIA+ community.


We do not tolerate racism, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, xenophobia, ableism, ageism, body shaming, slut shaming, or misogyny.

Please do not enter the building if you do not agree or can not abide by the above. Have fun, go wild, but respect each other’s boundaries. Ask for consent before touching anyone,

This includes touching hair. Let people dance and talk in peace if they want to. Everyone deserves a night without being hassled or objectified. No means no.

If you ever have an unwanted interaction or microaggresion, please inform a member of our team on the night and we will deal with it straight away. Also, look out for each other. This is a community space, so lets also check in on each others welfare. Big love. X