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all about Daddy Issues London, The holiday Issues

IDK About You but we're ready to Plunge into the final Knickerbocker of 2017. Yes THE LAST ONE of 2017, frankly we'd go To The Moon And Back to secure a ticket.

next event Daddy Issues London, The holiday Issues

Daddy Issues London, The holiday Issues
Daddy Issues London, The holiday Issues

Beach Blanket Babylon, London

Saturday 16 December 2017

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After dark, we have so much to choose from on the LGBT+ clubbing scene, all over London and beyond. What are you into? From Brit Pop to Britney, house, hip-hop, pop, rock, indie, old skool, Bhangra, garage, disco, and urban, with a mix of crazy floor show performances or the sounds of some of the best DJs out there around town – the list goes on, into the night. LGBT+, we have nights for you all.

Why don’t you take the hassle away from planning a night out. Book and pay for your ticket on our app or website beforehand. You are sure to save money with advance and early bird purchases and time, with the queue jump priority where available. Keep your t-shirt on or take it off, we have LGBT+ club nights with pulsating tunes from great DJ mixes for you to dance the night away to…